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The possibilities are endless when it comes to finding a website design, SEO, SEM, SSEP service provider or a Social Media Management company.

Dr. Neil Gale, owner of Gale Web Marketing has made this process a whole lot easier for you by offering 19 years of first-hand experience in website design, search engine optimization and search engine marketing, along with a remarkable success rate and a long list of satisfied clientele.

Every new client that Gale Web Marketing works with is immediately impressed with the results they receive. It’s time to experience your company’s online potential. Gale Web Marketing will help your company or organization increase sales or generate more sales leads by dominating search engine results using your industries most searched keywords and phrases.

Let me personally tell you about my ideas generate customer leads and sales by using my Single Search Engine PageSM service.

Gale Web Marketing is located in the greater St. Louis, Missouri area and is a subsidiary of We have worked with clients in a variety of industries and companies of all sizes. We have assisted multiple startup businesses, midsized organizations and Fortune 500 companies which include Monsanto, AT&T, Lucent Technologies, GE Aircraft Engines, Sun Microsystems, Montgomery Ward and dozens of others. We have helped over 45 car dealer groups with SEO, SEM, PPC, SSEP and lead generation, boasting an average 25% jump in sales.

Gale Web Marketing has the in-depth knowledge to make your website really work. We incorporate “White Hat” techniques to safe-guard your businesses reputation. Our website designs and Internet marketing methodologies have passed the strictest website and advertising standards from companies like Nissan Motor Company, Ford Motor Company, Toyota Motor Sales U.S.A., Monsanto Company and many others.

The days of simply creating a website and submitting it to a few search engines are long gone. Today’s companies must harness the power of a wide range of online mediums to produce the exposure they need to attract new customers and compete in an ever expanding market.

What makes Gale Web Marketing different from the thousands of other SEO and SEM companies that have cropped-up in recent months?

  1. Our fees are based on an individual business assessment and dependent upon how we can accomplish your desired outcome using a combination of our service offerings. Gale Web Marketing does not post a list of monthly service charges because we don’t know about your company's products or services, or what your goals and objectives are. Call us at 1-800-736-1036 for your free consultation.
  2. Gale Web Marketing does not charge a monthly fee for website design and/or web development services, because again, we conduct an individual business assessment providing the client with a high-level action plan. We offer maintenance and service contracts to guarantee that your website stays fresh, minimize your expenditures and maximize your ROI.

  3. Gale Web Marketing does not charge a monthly fee for Search Engine Optimization services because true SEO is not a monthly task. Our service includes SEO changes to capitalize on your market changes and will also reflect any website text changes as required.

  4. For Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Single Search Engine Pages (SSEP) and Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC), Gale Web Marketing bases the monthly fee based on targeted distance (local, regional, or national), the number of keywords/key phrases used and depth of the campaign. Rest assured, your online success is our success!

  5. For local online marketing, Gale Web Marketing knows the St. Louis market. Successful SSEP, SEO, SEM and PPC campaigns are dependant upon a complete understanding of the targeted area and knowing how visitors respond to "call-to-action" messages. Just finding and viewing your website doesn't actually convert to new customers or generate sales leads!

Gale Web Marketing allows you get back to what you do best—running your business.

Get started now by calling 1-800-736-1036 or send us an email We offer face-to-face meetings if you are located within the Greater St. Louis area.


Marketing that Works

What is the difference between a Landing Page and a Single Search Engine Page (SSEP)?

Landing Pages typically sell products or services within a site. Although the landing page may include some SEO functionality, its focus is on sales alone.

On TargetWhereas the Single Search Engine Pages main function is to dominate the Search Engine results in a "White-Hat", ethical method. Once a visitor is on the SSEP page, every link is strategically placed to move them to your main website where you provide all the information on products and services. The ROI for this type of page is very high since you are not paying for individual clicks.

Our unique specialty is building these optimized Single Search Engine Pages that quickly and efficiently capture your customer’s attention and direct them to your main website for lead generation or to purchase your products with one click. There is an art to designing this type of page and we have spent years mastering it. Each component of a well-designed Single Search Engine Page is intentional. From the location of images, ad copy and keywords, to the colors used, every part serves a purpose in achieving your ultimate goal of creating more sales.

Single Search Engine Pages (SSEP) of this type require only 1 page.  Their impact can dramatically increase your search engine results ranking and you will benefit from Internet branding exposure, the additional leads generated and an increase in sales. SSEPs can be especially effective for businesses in a tight market area with stiff competition.  We have clients with 18 or more Single Search Engine Pages, each with its own URL and separate marketing campaigns. It is an affordable way to maximize your Internet advertising and ROI.

*Single Search Engine Pages - (SSEP) was coined by Neil Gale on March 13, 2011. Servicemark pending.

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