Raising Your Net-Worth: Why IT Professionals Should Be Certified

Certified IT professionals talking about work

Tech jobs are so in demand that employers are struggling to fill them. With new developments happening all the time in the tech industry, experts in this particular field are highly sought after. Individuals must stay above the competition, and they must prove that they are truly knowledgeable in their line of work. One way to do that is to be certified.

Different Certifications

Depending on what field of the IT industry an individual prefers to work in, different certifications are needed. Some companies may consider hiring candidates without one; however, certifications are necessary to progress. Some certifications include:

• CompTIA A+ – covers the fundamentals of computer technology, encompassing both hardware and software.
• CompTIA Network+ – covers network concepts, installations, management, and security, among other things.
• CompTIA Security+ – covers network security, threats and vulnerabilities, access control and identity management, and cryptography.
• Microsoft MCSA – with Microsoft being the operating system of majority of the world’s computers, this certification is especially important for all IT professionals.

Though IT professionals are already qualified to work in their industry with their college degrees, their net-worth depends on their certifications. The more they have, the more knowledgeable they present themselves to be. There are several ways professionals can prepare themselves for their certification exams. A+ practice tests are available from trusted resources for individuals who need them.

Benefits of Being Certified

Being certified gets IT professionals hired. It’s the best way to show employers that they are capable and experts in their field. Certifications also pave the way for promotions, helping IT professionals progress farther in their career goals.

With a higher net-worth, better opportunities come around. Security engineers, in particular, have a national average salary of $93,653. That is where the CompTIA Security+ certification comes in handy.

Being certified is another, a more official way for professionals to show future employers that they are qualified for the job. A higher net-worth is just one of the perks.