The Psychology Behind Effective Web Design for B2B Companies

Web designer looking at his laptop and phoneBehavioral science plays a part in creating successful customer experiences. Entertainment company Netflix, for instance, uses basic psychology by automatically queuing the next episode of a series to make binging on Netflix easier. Similarly, automaker company Tesla leverages the power of psychology through its automatic sliding door feature, adding to the luxury and convenience of owning a Tesla vehicle.

Outlaunched, a trusted web marketing agency, believes that taking advantage of design services can create a meaningful user experience for those in the B2B space. In fact, applying the basic tenets to a client’s website can also lead to more website traffic and conversions.

Simplicity Leads to more Conversions

A study from George Miller from the Princeton University’s Psychology Department explains that there is a limit to how much the human mind can process at any given time. In marketing, a consumer may feel overwhelmed after exposure to too many options. By sticking to a minimalist UX design, B2B companies can enjoy simplicity and more conversions.

Incorporate Familiar Elements in Web Design

Spotify creates new music playlists with new, recommended songs based on a listener's previously played tracks. By adding a sense of familiarity, it created a higher chance of user engagement. On a similar vein, B2B web design entails meeting users halfway, introducing new designs and features they would be comfortable with. That was how websites adapted to the hamburger icon menu — one of the most popular UI website features these days.

Contrast is King: Make Your CTAs Stand Out

Web designers should have a color in their palette that stands out from the rest that they can use in making calls to action (CTA) stand out. Instagram, for instance, uses a red dot on the upper left-hand corner of the screen to call attention to a new message. For customers to sign up for B2B company services, they can improve conversion rates and make their services the default choice.

Basic psychology is useful in web design. It provides significant insight into consumer behavior that could entice them to purchase goods or services. A seamless website that allows for a meaningful browsing experience is already a big step in the right direction.