4 Unexpected Ways Email Marketing Can Boost Your SEO


When it comes to SEO, most people think it is all about on-page and off-page optimisation. But as you probably already know, there is always more to making your website rank high on Google than keywords and backlinks.

Whilat it is not quite clear how they work to improve your rankings, peripheral methods are instrumental in making the most out of your SEO strategy.

And if you haven’t heard about it, email marketing – an old yet effective way to promote your business online – is an invaluable tool you can use to improve your SEO results. Here is how:

  1. Get more backlinks

Backlinks are not the heart of SEO, but they are close. Building an email list and sending out regular emails to your subscribers that explicitly ask them to link back to your website is one great way to encourage high-quality, organic and relevant backlinks.

  1. Promote your content

What better way to get more people to visit your website than to offer your content to a group of people who have already showed interest? Curating your top posts every week or month and sending them to your list can help drive traffic to your site and potentially get you even more inbound links.

  1. Increase engagement

Whilst it is not clear how Google factors in engagement metrics, it is evident that websites where users stay longer, participate in the conversation, and visit more pages rank higher. By offering your subscribers or target customers incentives to visit your site, you can keep a more engaged audience.

  1. Boost social media

The benefits of social media to SEO are indirect but are massive. Social media gives you the potential to go viral, and a list of engaged subscribers may be just what you need to garner more likes, shares, traffic and backlinks.

Launching an email marketing campaign can be complicated if you do not have experience. Instead of fumbling around in the dark, the best thing to do is to invest in the services of SEO experts who specialise in email marketing. With an expert who guides you along the way, you will be able to reap the benefits of having a high-quality email list for your business.