Branding and Memories: How to Make Sure Your Customers Won’t Forget You


Marketing doesn’t end after you’ve introduced your brand. It’s important your customers remember you for a very long time. Increasing your brand’s stickiness, though, doesn’t have to include sophisticated strategies or a huge budget.

Here are three effective ways to make sure your customers won’t forget you:

1. Give them something long-lasting.

There’s a good reason why mugs and pens are great for brand recall. Based on research, customers tend to hold on to promotional products for more than half a year. You, therefore, need promotional merchandise from an Australian provider that is durable and usable for a long time. Needless to say, a product that doesn’t contain your name anymore doesn’t boost the memory retention either. Invest in good-quality printing or labelling as well.

2. Complement these products with a good experience.

According to Forbes, it’s the experience, not the brand logo, that makes your business more memorable to your customers. Although this shouldn’t mean you should skip making your logos entirely, it also suggests you should complement your marketing efforts with excellent customer experience. This experience always begins with a reliable, pleasant customer service.

Since your customer service representatives are your front-line team, see to it they’re fully engaged and motivated to work. You can do this by giving them sufficient training, providing them with the benefits they need, and providing incentives for good performance.

3. Relate to your customers’ needs and problems.

The best marketing strategies are those that can position products as useful and even necessary to your target market. Promotional products, for example, must not be too different from your main ones. If you’re selling pens, give away notepads! In this process, your customers can appreciate the benefits of your products more.

When you have to deal with stiff competition, make sure your customers won’t forget you. Consider these tips when you want to improve your brand recall the easy way.