Current Trends in Graphic Design You Should Know

Like many areas of marketing and advertising, the concept of design has changed at a faster pace. This is all thanks to the Internet that powers many different industries around the world.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock or have refused to go digital in your marketing efforts, you probably see the importance of hiring a reputable graphic design firm in Utah to keep your online presence up to date with these design trends of the present. Concept Marketing and other experts list some trends you should take note of:

Bolder, Fresher Colors

Neutral colors like white, black, and shades of gray have had their heyday, but now it’s time for new colors to dominate. Bolder hues are competing, and the most popular one is green. Many see this as the color of greenery, which symbolizes a new start and something fresh and natural.

Real Photos

Authenticity in representing your brand requires the authenticity of your images. Instead of relying on stock photos that anyone can buy (or steal), your website has to use real images unique to your company.

GIFs to Add Life

When still photos are not enough to express emotion or to drive interest, GIFs are the right option.

Simpler Logo Designs

Logos are important in branding, but the simple ones that used to dominate were also simple in color. Now, simplicity combines with bolder colors and color combinations — sometimes feathering or transitioning into each other. Check out Instagram’s new logos for its different apps.

Bolder Fonts

The old guard dictates limiting typefaces to a bare minimum, but now the trend is pointing at using a bigger number of fonts and bolder styles. This is how text is competing with more visual cues on websites.

Design changes almost every year. Without the help of a reputable agency, you might be unable to keep up with the trends. And that may not be a position you want your brand to be in.