How Local Businesses Can Get Ahead With Mobile Advertising

A man using his mobile phone

Running a local business involves a constant battle to be the most visible in the area. As if understanding your customers is not hard enough, you must now also look into how technologies influence their behaviour.

You can take advantage of this influence by focusing on Singaporeans’ and Singapore tourists’ love for smartphones.

Attract Customers Near You

Award-winning digital advertising agency affirms that 88% of Singapore’s adult population own smartphones. These adults constantly use their phones to search for products and information amidst their busy schedule.

Investing in mobile advertising, therefore, will help your business connect with your target audience. Having a service listing in location-based apps like Facebook, Google, TripAdvisor or Yelp will let prospective customers or clients know your location. As convenience and accessibility are huge factors for customers, you can attract the ones near you.

Attract Customers Who Are Oceans Away From You

The majority of tourists, especially the younger demographic, no longer rely on paper maps or travel books. Today’s travellers use their smartphone to find cafes, restaurants, speciality shops and accommodation. Local businesses, especially those in the hospitality industry, can take advantage of this behaviour.

Apart from listings, you can invest in an online booking system. If your site already has one, make sure it is optimised for mobile devices. You may also make your establishment easy to call through a smartphone by adding a ‘Click to Call’ feature.

Cultivate Brand Loyalty

Customers love convenience. Having a mobile app gives them a way to get what they want with a few clicks. Plus, with a mobile app, you can have constant communication with your target audience. They can receive prompts if you have sales or promos and they have an easy way to reach you. You can even use your app to acknowledge repeat customers and give them rewards.

With people’s busy lives and the constant development of mobile technologies, the mobile trend is here to stay. You have to take advantage of this movement while your competitors are not yet employing mobile solutions for their business.