Ideal Qualities That SEO Experts Must Have

A graphic concept that shows people planning a campaign involving SEO marketing

The online environment is dynamic. If your site fails to keep up with the changes, stagnation will set in. If your website is not attracting the kind of traffic you want, a good solution is to get the services of an SEO professional.

The SEO experts at C1 Partners present the most important qualities to look for in your prospective Denver SEO expert service provider.


Not all so-called SEO experts you find today know what they’re doing. A lot of them are new and are not aware of the many changes that happened in the last decade or so. The ideal SEO service provider has been in business for many years and has kept updated with all the changes. They also know the current ranking factors and how they work.

What may work for one website may not work on another. Most new SEO companies use the same strategy for all websites they work on. An experienced SEO professional knows what strategy to apply based on a website’s specific needs.

Good Grasp of Different Levels of SEO

There are three factors involved in search engine optimization:

Technical – This involves the website’s structure. It determines the level of difficulty that a search engine will have in indexing your site’s content.

On-page Optimization – The focus is on the use of keywords, HTML tags, interesting content and headlines and to enhance website traffic.

Off-page Optimization – This involves link-building.

A successful SEO effort implements these three elements at varying degrees. Reliable SEO experts know how to do it. They are aware of your website’s limitations, and how to minimize the issues.

Track Record of Success

A good reputation is an indicator of successful projects implemented. A company that is the subject of a lot of customer complaints should raise a red flag. You can check online reviews or refer to the company’s former clients.

SEO continues to evolve with time. The ideal SEO service provider should be familiar with current and past trends. They should know what will work for you, depending on your specific needs.