Keeping It Real: How Videos and Photos Help Your Brand

A graphical concept showing a group of people working on a marketing campaign

When you’re on Facebook, the posts with the most interesting image is the first thing most people see and click. Facebook and Twitter, according to, get more engagements that reach up to 89 percent because of visually-appealing content. Many predict that approximately 84 percent of communications will be visual in 2018.

Importance of Photos and Videos

With these numbers, you should consider using images and videos for your content. Comapnies like Sievers Creative encourage businesses to engage photography, graphic design, and video production services because it is the best way to get your message out to your target audience.


Images easily grab your audience’s attention. Videos immerse them into your brand’s identity. Strategize how you want to approach your content but make sure to blend these two elements with it. Know the latest trends and memes and incorporate them into your campaigns so you would have instant relatability.


Readers process your message faster visually. If you use an infographic, people would understand more of your content. More than 80 percent of people online only skim many of the articles and posts. It takes only a few seconds for the contemporary audience to get distracted.

Make It Viral

Using photos and videos give your posts a better chance of being shared and going viral. There are over 100 million Facebook users who engage in video streaming, while 41% of digital marketers get more engagement with original photos and graphics.

Authenticity Is the Key

This doesn’t mean you should forget about text-based content. Develop your content by getting what you need such as social media marketing and search engine optimization. You could also combine these elements to make for an engaging Web experience.

You can experiment with all kinds of visual themes and approaches. You can take photos of interesting places to keep your content authentic. Users want authenticity in campaigns more than anything. In a world exposed to so much information, your brand’s unique identity must stand out.