Lead Generation Is Important for Law Firms too

Lawyer talking to clients

Are you running a law firm? Where do your leads come from? If you don’t know what leads are in the first place, you have a lot of catching up when it comes to SEO efforts. You might be wasting opportunities because potential clients don’t know of your practice.

Here are three sources of leads, and how to nurture each one:


Lawyers get clients from building their firm’s name through a combination of online and offline marketing. If you think SEO is just used for other industries, think again. For lawyers, SEO is a great tool when it comes to widening your scope and reaching more clients. Positive reviews will make your firm a household name in the neighbourhood, and before you know it, you have become the preferred firm in the state. Of course, you will have to do your part in winning cases to get a positive image.


Working with other businesses and being involved in community activities also act as a way to generate leads. When you get your name out there, you become a suggested name because people are familiar with your face, name or work. A past client would easily refer you to a friend or family member needing assistance after they have been satisfied with your help in a previous case.


Not all leads will come from organic sources. You have to work hard on putting your firm out there, and that’s done through advertising. Print advertising works for law firms, but since most clients are online, you might want to pair that with online marketing strategies. Facebook advertising and pay-per-click marketing are just two options to consider. Your SEO agency might suggest a combination of several strategies to reach your clients through different channels.

No business can succeed without SEO. Your law firm can benefit from that boost in traffic and leads, so work on that as soon as possible.