Logo Logic: Placing Your Name Where It Matters Most

Brand making

When going into business, whether it is a small-scale venture, or an ambitious, larger-than-life company, customer recall is always a priority. Your logo is your number one visual arsenal to make sure that consumers keep your service in mind.

And its placement on pretty much everything you put out – your website, your letterhead, or even that resin domed label that you stick on the product itself – it is always about location, location, location.

Logo Local #1: Your Office

Your logo is your business symbol, and your work space should embody that business as well. Placing it on your stationery, your internal giveaways, even using its colour scheme on your interiors like your furniture and walls projects consistency and commitment to the brand.<

One great example is Google, its offices and headquarters.

Logo Local #2: Your Online Presence and Documents

Studies show that our left-to-right, top-to-bottom reading orientation influences how we remember logos and other visual elements on a page.

Therefore, primarily putting your logo on the top left side of your sites and letterhead will more likely help your customers remember it, as opposed to putting it anywhere else.

Logo Local #3: Your Product

Brand superiority is usually what drives consumers to stay with a particular product, and nothing pushes them to associate good experiences with your brand than seeing your logo.

There are different elements in a product’s packaging that influence client trust – but as far as logo placement is concerned, nothing tops ideal placement than, well, at the top.

A buyer’s decision on whether to buy what you have to offer, or go for the competition, largely depends on whether they think you are superior to the other, and putting your logo on the uppermost part of the packaging and its appearance will most likely work in your favour.

Your logo is your business symbol – and after all the hard work and all the careful thought that you put in to create it, it deserves to be seen and remembered. Knowing where to put it is the first step to customer recall and business domination.