Make the Most of the Online Space and Watch Your Business Grow — Here’s How

The key to having a profitable online presence hinges on keeping up with the numerous changes that happen with search engines. By observing and adapting to these changes, you can improve your chances of ranking at the top.

Before going deeper, it’s important to know a few facts about search engines:

  • Google, the largest search engine on the internet, used to take one month to crawl and index a total of 50 million pages. Fast forward three years, the search engine could do it in less a minute.
  • The giant search engine handles more than 40 percent of the global web traffic.
  • Google carries 3.5 billion searches a day.

The online space is changing at a breakneck speed, remarks a Denver web design expert. Failing to keep up with these changes will only lead down to a slippery slope.

Don’t ignore changes.

Web visibility is the key to a successful online marketing effort, and to this end, online marketers pull all stops to rank at the number one spot.

Research shows that having a top spot on the search engines results pages (SERPs) bears considerable benefits. You are likely to divert much of the search traffic to your website.

To ensure that only the worthy sites clinch the top spot, search engines use measures to weed out poorly made sites. These measures aim at improving the user experience. Following the guidelines ensures that your site meets the necessary standards, and this helps your visibility.

Don’t ignore consumer preferences.

Modern smartphones are miniaturized computers and are rapidly replacing desktop computers today. Consumers can conveniently access the internet while on the go and fill just any need without needing to access a PC.

Failing to keep up with this could have a negative impact on your online presence. You need to provide your web visitors with the same level of user experience regardless of the device they use. A responsive website lets you achieve this feat with ease.

Such a site automatically resizes to fit various screens without distortion. In addition to earning brownie points with search engines, such a move improves the user experience for your readers.

The technology backing the internet is constantly changing. Keeping up with these changes improves user experience and gives your business an edge.