Modern Advertising Solutions for Small Businesses

Digital Marketing in a sphere

Digital marketing provides advertising solutions to small business owners at an affordable cost so they can grow their brand and reputation without breaking the bank. It utilises social media, emailing and more for great results.

Newspapers have been the long-standing and traditional way to advertise a business. But as technology has advanced, it is no longer the most efficient way to target audiences. Print advertising is comparatively more expensive than many digital options, and newspaper sales are dwindling in favour of online news.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing services for the small business offered by firms such as involves the use of electronic media to promote a product, for example, via the internet, social media forums, email marketing campaigns, text messaging, electronic billboards and video advertising.

Email Marketing – In email marketing, you send automated mass emails to lists of current and potential customers with news and special offers to encourage new and repeat purchases.

Integrated Facebook and Instagram Ads – Email campaigns can also include integrated Facebook and Instagram ads. If customers click on the email ad, they will then see it displayed on their social media pages to encourage them to buy.

Professional Facebook and Twitter Pages – A professional web designer can design a top-notch presence on Facebook and Twitter to promote brands and help small business owners build relationships with their customers. Customer shares, likes and reviews will help solidify the business reputation.

SMS Marketing – SMS or text message marketing is a way to reach people all over the globe, and it works better than leafleting. Around 95% of people will open a commercial SMS.

Electronic Billboards – Electronic billboards are high visibility public advertising, great for highways. Unlike paper advertising, you can change the advert in seconds or several ads displayed at once.

See What Media Can Do for You

Using online and mobile media to promote a business is the 21st-century way to attract customers and keep them, which is why more small firms are trying digital marketing.