Pointers for Optimizing Your Website’s Most Crucial Pages

website as a missing puzzle piece

Several pages work together to make up your business website. Though they are all important, some are more critical to your bottom line compared to others. This might seem obvious, but only a few business owners apply this knowledge to improve their online conversions.

Every site is different, but the homepage, contact page, and about page are typically the most crucial ones. Here are some techniques used by experts from advertising agencies like bluegorilladigital.com to optimize them.


The primary objective of your homepage is to capture the visitor’s attention and entice him or her to stay on your site. Have a seamless flow of information to make navigation easy for the client. Including a sitemap on the homepage also boosts the user’s experience. Use big headlines and large call-to-action buttons, which are easy to click, to avoid frustrating your visitors.

About Page

This page contains information on your product and services, company, objectives, and values. To optimize this page, have all the crucial information you aim to pass to your client above the fold. This minimizes the need for your client to scroll through various pages to find out what your company is about.

Contact Page

Potential clients won’t trust your brand if they think you’re hard to contact. Put all crucial contact information above the fold on the contact page and include one or two CTAs to make it easy to contact you. This page should be updated regularly to ensure the information given is current.

Most businesses only think of search engine optimization. In the pursuit of a high SEO rank, most companies neglect the creation of web pages that are user-optimized. If you don’t optimize the above pages for your users, maintaining a high SEO rank is generally impossible.