Technology Surfing with Algomi

Technology Surfing

If you haven’t heard of Algomi yet, you soon will. They are one of the top three companies that are offering go-to software for pre-trade information gathering and the creation of relationships. They are making waves in the market for investment. Algomi focus on providing technological solutions both with software and innovative methods of delivery. They are working on delivery pushing solutions that businesses have, until recently, shied away from. They are also champions of relationships both online and in the real world.

Skilful use of technology

Algomi investment tools currently comprise two main software programs: Synchronicity on the sell-side and Honeycomb on the buy-side. Their main focus is on algorithms that crunch data to create opportunities that take advantage of liquidity in the market. They allow users to be in the right place at the right time with the best connections to make the deal.

They have also pioneered the use of Amazon’s cloud platform to assist with the information flow. This increases speed and usefulness.

Security to trust

When it comes to new technology, fears over security are natural. As know-how continues to expand beyond current frontiers, we see plenty of news that tells us that security breaches are becoming more sophisticated. However, the cloud technology employed by Algomi meets strict international, data security standards and the potential benefits are clear for investment.


The field of market trading requires a fine balance between risk and security, as well as savings and investment. Algomi’s innovative approach to information and technology helps to mitigate costs therefore assisting with stability for many companies.

Technology ensures a swift response to changes in the market. Outsourcing means a more useful resource for less money. This is because there is third-party company working round-the-clock to provide traders with a finished database rather having to do it themselves. Overall, these qualities lead to a spreading of risk.

Technology to aid bond trading produced by Algomi is likely to become a major tool used by traders in the immediate future. They already have more than 240 fund managers in their network covering $75 billion worth of live buyside volume.