The Pursuit For Premium Appeal In Packaging

Gifts with a variety of ribbons

It takes an average of 27 seconds for a grocer to make a decision while perusing an aisle, making a product’s packaging a significant factor in capturing a disengaged consumer. Brands, then, pour a lot of effort and time to create a compelling package.

One of the best ways to attract attention to your product is through luxury packaging. Companies specialising in luxury brand packaging and embellishment such as Signet aim to provide consumers with a taste of luxury even before they open the package. How can you achieve that?

A Matter Of Design

For many consumers, a product's premium appeal depends mostly on the package design. A visually appealing package sometimes shapes the image of a brand more than advertising or celebrity endorsement does. A premium package design includes an iconic or distinctive shape (think Toblerone or Kisses) that stimulates the senses while applying the ‘less is more’ philosophy to evoke sophistication.

Value Through Functionality

Premium packaging is not all about looks, however. It must offer convenience that can inherently add value for the consumer. This includes package designs that readily adapt to customers' needs such resealable bags for crisps, drink containers the size of a car cup holder, and mini packets of gums that can fit in your pocket or purse. Showing your customers that buying your product will not only make their lives easier but also more meaningful is the key to successful marketing.

There is a broad range of advantages premium packaging can give your brand. It does not only increase the appeal of your products, but it also adds value to your customers’ lifestyle and increases their willingness to pay for more. Hence, your choice of packaging can impact product price even beyond its production cost.