Three Kinds of Keywords to Pay Attention to

Digital Marketing Specialist using AdWords

Using AdWords is all about keywords, but it’s not just about any and all keywords you can think of. Some of them have low search volume, while others may have a high search volume but with too much work associated with them.

When looking at your account and considering what to do for your next ad, keep the following keywords in mind:

Branded Keywords

Part of your TNL Digital Google AdWords management campaign in Perth is to protect your brand from competitors who might be running their ads using your company name as their keyword. If your brand is also generic, it might be harder to claim it, so you need to start on that as early as possible. Sometimes, it’s a good strategy to bid for other branded keywords, but only if it will not cost you too much with a low success rate.

Seasonal Keywords

When spring cleaning your AdWords account for inactive keywords, look at your history for 18 months or longer than a year to avoid deleting seasonal keywords that might come in handy during the holidays. There is a surge in buying and searching that happens during these times of the year. It won’t make much sense to run ads for seasonal keywords all year, but that doesn’t mean they have to go.

Broad Match Keywords

Ads are not just there to land keyword searchers to your pages because they already want to buy. Broad match keywords can help you advertise your brand and make it more visible for those who are not familiar with it just yet. By targeting a broad match, your ad will show up when users punch in keywords that are related to your business. Now, you just need to choose the right words to take advantage of your ad.

There are all sorts of keywords in your AdWords account, but some of them might not have much use. Pay attention to those that actually help you achieve your goals.