Reviews: A Ranking Factor That Drives Organic Traffic for Your Business

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Reviews can impact your SEO strategies and help you drive web traffic.

Half of the adults below 50 years of age regularly monitor online reviews before buying a certain item. You read that right. Gone are the days when word of mouth serves you well; now, reviews matter more than ever, particularly in digital marketing.

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Google Monitors Your Online Business Reviews

Reviews serve a vital role in your SEO efforts because search engines count them as ranking signals. So they don’t just indicate whether your products or services are being accepted by your market.

Eighty-two percent of American adults sometimes read online customer reviews or ratings before buying a new item, and 40 percent says they almost always rely on reviews.

A lot of elements factor in ranking, including your business’s reviews and its quantity. Why? Google checks out all sorts of reviews for your business including Google reviews, Yelp reviews, Facebook reviews, and more.

Consumers and Their Need for Online Reviews

A lot of Americans see customer reviews more useful than government oversight about certain metrics. Forty-six percent of shoppers feel that reviews help a lot in making them feel confident about the product they’re buying.

About 53 percent of consumers aged 18-29 years and 47 percent of customers aged 30 to 49 years revealed that they often, or almost always, check online reviews if they’re buying an item for the first time.

Fewer adults, however, aged 50 to 64 or 65 and above (23 percent) engage in the same kind of online shopping behavior.

As more Americans rely on customer reviews online for guidance, it’s clear that you need to this ranking factor to work for your business. If you encourage reviews and respond to negative ones, then you’re heading in the right direction to gain more organic web traffic.