Your New Office Probably Needs a New Interior Designer, Too

Whether it is to enhance your brand or expand your company, a move to a new office in Paya Lebar or the likes of it, may be a highly attractive option for business owners and their employees alike.

A stunning work ecosystem, surrounded by a wide range of amenities, like quality retail offerings, lightly filled food courts during lunch rush, and convenient transport connections across Singapore all sound fabulous for a new workplace.

However, relocating an office may be more challenging than you think. You have to arrange the transfer of all equipment and furniture to the new address. You also need to make sure everything fits in the new space.

Furthermore, you have to think about the layout and how it will work for your employees. The expertise of an interior designer can help ease the transition, and provide a good start in a new location. Here are two good reasons to hire a professional designer when moving office.

They Know What to Put in Certain Spaces

An interior designer strategically maps out your office layout to maximise the space and amplify its aesthetics. But the designer’s ideas will have to originate from the identity of your company.

A good designer takes the time to listen to your story as a business and gets to know the core values of the company and its working style. The designer then incorporates what you tell them into the layout, lighting and furniture, ensuring every element works best in the work space.

They Know ‘Where to Put Your Money’

Interior designers not only know what works for your new office space. The right experts also recognise what aspects of the design you can save on and what you cannot compromise on. By hiring the services of a good designer, you will be able to manage the costs of the office move.

The interior aesthetics of your office will affect how your employees work; it can enhance or hamper their creativity and productivity. Your business space also gives potential clients a sneak peek of your office culture and what they can expect from working with you. All of this rests on the capabilities of your interior designer.

Make sure your designer knows your brand, your company’s working style and your overall vision for the new office space. When you work with the right interior design expert, your transition from one office to another will be easier.