A Two-Step Guide to Growing Your Business

Businessman and businesswomen crossed arm smiling

The State of Colorado has some of the most exciting and promising homegrown business startups in the country. From Denver to Boulder, The Centennial State has no shortage of noteworthy entrepreneurial efforts. Some even steadfastly marry the goals of profit and sustainability, such as Simple Energy, Agribotix, PlaceMatters, and Open Tech Collaborative, among others.

If you are a stakeholder in one of these startups, the hard part is out of the way—that is actually starting a business. Now, this is the challenge you must succeed in—growing your business. Thirdstage-marketing.com notes that two tried and tested strategies can help you do just that. These are on-point branding and hiring SEO services.

On-Point Branding

Before digital marketing toppled down traditional marketing methods, branding was the end-all and be-all of business development. This is quite understandable given the fact that on-point branding equals on-point marketing. If you know what you are selling, you most likely know who to sell it to.

Branding, traditional as it is, is invaluable in the age of online marketing, especially if direct traffic is what you want to get. Direct traffic equates to people typing your URL, which happens to be the second biggest traffic driver, behind organic search (Google search), and ahead of social (FB, Twitter) and referral (blogs, review sites, forums) traffics. Direct traffic is possible when you have made a brand memorable enough.

SEO Services

Yes, there are other online marketing strategies, such as pay-per-click advertising, but SEO is highly popular for many good reasons. It’s a convenient and reliable way to increase your brand’s visibility and drive more traffic to your website.

Using these two strategies is like combining the old and the new to bring better results. What you get is a marketing approach that is dynamic and effective. Find the right digital marketing agency and start growing your business soon.