How Much Time Do Britons Spend on the Internet?

people looking at a computer screen

British e-commerce firms should take advantage of the increasing number of Internet users in the country based on a new report.

Nine out of 10 adults are now online with 96% of them under 55 years old. Every week, adult Britons spend 24 hours on the Internet, which is twice the time they spent 10 years ago. For this reason, digital marketing, including search engine optimisation or SEO services, for retailers in Hertfordshire or London will be more necessary.

Internet users

Internet usage is even higher for those between 16 and 24 years old, who spend 34 hours online per week. Britons between 25 and 34 years old spend 29 hours on their phones and computers. The growing Internet connectivity stems from the prevalence of smartphones that allow people to be online virtually anywhere in the country.

In the past, some may find it inconvenient to be disconnected to the online world. The situation has changed, as being offline has now become a “threat to their livelihood” for some people. Online retailers are the perfect example. E-commerce sales have grown during the first quarter, so online connectivity remains important for these businesses.

Retail sales

A retail sales index showed that nationwide transactions between January and March rose almost 19% year over year. Consumer sales during the final week over the Easter holidays contributed to the increase, according to the index.

The weather could also be a reason many people prefer to do their shopping online. Still, experts advise e-commerce companies to remain prepared for any changes in consumer behaviour, as weather conditions may not always be in their favour.

Online retailers in the country should invest in SEO and mobile campaigns to gain more business from the increasing number of Internet users. What is your growth strategy for this year?