New Apps On The Block: 5 Latest App Developments

social network apps in iPhoneFor the typical smartphone user, mobile apps have been useful in their daily routine. Today’s apps can be used to play music, set alarms, or message other users. The mobile app development industry keeps growing and experts are looking at certain mobile app trends to watch out for this year.

Creative Works cites some of them.

Cloud-Based Apps

Tech companies explain that cloud-based apps work by storing files in an online server called “the cloud”. Google Drive and Dropbox are popular examples, which people use to store their images, videos, and other files that are too large for their smartphone’s memory.

Augmented Reality

This technology creates an image on your screen and makes it look like a part of the real world, thanks to your device’s camera. For example, when Pokemon Go players let the app record an area in front of them, the app would place a real-looking pokemon in that place.

Artificial Intelligence

Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Alexa are examples of artificial intelligence or AI apps. AI refers to computer systems that are designed to do human tasks, such as speech recognition, decision-making, or language translation. That is why you can ask Siri to tell the time or Alexa to play music and these AI assistants could do so from your phone.

Mobile Payments

There are also apps now that can process payments using your phone. For example, Starbucks has an app that customers can add monetary value into. You can add fifty dollars in the app and use it to pay for your next drink at the cafe.

Wearable Apps

These apps can be worn largely for fitness purposes. Examples would be smart sneakers that analyze how you walk or smart-watches that track how many calories you’ve burned.

Apps have helped individuals and industries in many ways. With the rapid change in the tech industry, we can only expect more developments in the next few years.