The Secrets to Ace Your Corporate Headshots

Corporate HeadshotNowadays, almost everything is accessible on the Internet. Therefore, more companies are investing in making their websites and social media pages stand out. One of the essential things to include in a company website is, of course, the team profile.

DC Corporate Headshots and other experts say that this is where the challenge of having the perfect team headshots comes in. While choosing the right photographer is your company’s responsibility, looking good on the finished photo is yours.

Whether you are comfortable in front of the camera or not, here are some tips that would surely help you have a great photo:


Never cut your hair a day before your scheduled headshot, nor should you experiment with a new hairstyle days before your shoot. If you think getting a haircut is necessary, have it at least two weeks before your scheduled shoot. That way, you would be able to manage your hair and style it properly.

Choose colors wisely

Avoid polka dots and stripe tops and go for colorful and bright ones instead. The simpler, the better. Go for plain colors, but avoid going for black or white since these can mess with the camera’s exposure and could ruin the outcome of the photo.


Simpler is better when it comes to choosing your jewelry pieces and accessories. Avoid having statements pieces as it takes away the focus on your face.

Know your angle

Ever wondered why models take multiple shots only to end up choosing just one or two? That’s because their angles matter. If you aren’t sure which angle is right for you, you can ask for tips from your photographer.


Lastly, do not forget to smile. After all, no one wants to see a frowning team member on their website or social media page.

Keep all these in mind and you would be more than ready for your company headshots. Now, show your site visitors what your team is made of.