Digital Marketing Tips for Local Businesses

Online marketing on virtual screen

Are you a local business having trouble getting a consistent stream of customers through your doors? You need to rethink your marketing. Gone are the days when you can just rely on your location, word-of-mouth and traditional marketing like sending out flyers to promote your business.

The advent of digital marketing

Digital marketing is the digital age’s great equalizer. In the past, you’d need to make a huge investment to advertise via billboards, newspaper ads, and TV spots, so it was usually the big brands hoarding all the attention. Now, you can easily reach thousands of people with just a few dollars with digital ads.

There are many case studies of local businesses benefiting from digital marketing. If you don’t know where to start, companies such as Webs Unweaved present some of the things you can do to kickstart your digital marketing campaigns.

1. Search Engine Optimization

Aside from getting your company listed, a great way to get customers and prospects is through Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO makes sure your business pops up when people search things related to your business. This one is a lot harder than the other tactics but is the best way to promote your business online.

You could do well to work with an SEO agency. For example, if you’re an Albany-based business, an effective SEO company can make sure you only attract visits from people within your area rather than from far off places.

2. Forums

A great way to reach potential customers without having to spend a dime is by joining forums relevant to your business. Reddit, Quora, and even Facebook groups are a great way to look for prospects. Look for people asking about a question relevant to your business, provide your expert opinion and invite them to reach out to you if they want to discuss in more detail.

3. List your company on Google

What do people do when they want to learn more about a local business? They check Google! That’s why you should make sure your business appears when people look for you. You could talk to an SEO agency to make this happen for you.

4. Facebook ads

Facebook ads are a great way to reach thousands of potential customers. You can set your business’s address, and start targeting people just within a few miles of your location. You can even target your ads based on gender, age, credit card usage, the TV shows they like, and more.

5. Email marketing

Aside from attracting more customers, email marketing can help you get repeat customers. Offer your customers a discount on their next visit when they sign up for your email list. Once that’s done, you can send them occasional emails whenever you have a promo or new offer.

6. Influencer marketing

While ads are great, people still trust recommendations from other people. This is where influencer marketing is important. Think of it as word-of-mouth on steroids. With influencer marketing, you look for people with thousands of followers on social media, invite them to give a review of your business in exchange for some freebies.


It’s never been cheaper and more accessible to get the word out for your business. Do your homework and talk to the right people to get your digital marketing campaigns off the ground, and you’ll start seeing more customers walk through your door in no time.