Give Your Child the Gift of a Bicycle Ride

Little Girl Riding a Bike

When choosing a suitable bike for your preschooler, you should remember several things to keep in mind so that you can make the right decision. Preschool bikes come in different styles, making the buying process a tough one. Your child’s safety should be the most important factor, but other things should guide your decision.

The Size of the Bike

The size of the bike plays a significant role in how big are the seats and tires. Use your child’s size and age as a guide to decide which bike size will offer the best riding experience.

The Weight of the Bike

Your child’s bike should weigh about a third of their weight or less. Your child should be able to manoeuvre it around easily. To avoid the bike being too heavy, don’t add too many extra features. Go for a strong frame material that weighs as little as possible.

The Kind of Tyres the Bike Has

Unless the bike you are buying has the right kind of tyres, your child will find it difficult to manoeuvre it. Go for a bike that is easy to ride on wet and rocky areas.

The Accessibility of the Brakes

Brakes are among the most important safety features on a bike. Buy a bike that has a reachable hand brake. Teach your child the importance of using this feature if they want to slow down.

How Much the Bike Costs

Typically, the price of preschool bikes ranges anywhere between a hundred dollars to $250. Choose one that fits your child’s age and skills.

Parents want their children to explore the world, and sometimes it begins with a bike. Contribute to your kid’s education and give them their first bicycle riding experience.