How to Maximize SEO Efforts Through Your Web Design

Web Designer Working

Search engine optimization has become a vital part of digital marketing. Websites live for it and businesses depend on it for visibility and sales. Apart from publishing relevant content, marketers can boost their SEO efforts through web design.

1. Apply an Engaging and Responsive Design

In 2016, Google moved to a mobile-first index, making responsive web design more relevant to users and mobile developers in many states like in Utah. Web design since then has focused to engage visitors. Since the company set their priority to mobile searches, responsive websites were able to attract more visitors and consumers. Other than increasing site visibility, responsive web design enhances user experience as well.

2. Make It Speedy

Who wants a slow website, anyway? Page speed is a major element that Google looks into when optimizing a site. An agency in Utah for web design shares that heavy images, flash plugins, and third-party widgets can significantly slow down a website. Keep these elements to a minimum to make it faster.

3. Get Rid of Content Blocks

Content blocks or website sections that ask visitors to do something before entering a page can hurt your search rankings. Google dislikes content blocks as they make it difficult for their system to crawl a site and optimize its content. If paid pages and fill out forms are really necessary, make sure to optimize your landing page first.

4. Don’t Forget Heading Tags

Heading tags are essential when publishing web content. Other than highlighting a page section, H1 and H2 tags serve as content markers for Google, especially when crawling sites. Don’t be too bold on the headings and ensure that they are relevant to your content.

5. Optimize Footer Links

Footer links are a great way to optimize keywords and content headings. Include them on every page of your site and make sure that visitors can see them when browsing your page. Other than boosting your SEO rankings, footer links decrease bounce rates as well.
Indeed, SEO does not only encompass content but appealing and relevant web design as well. Invest in site design and maintenance to enhance your company’s online presence.