4 Proven Ways to Use SEO to Boost Website Conversions

SEO on a chalkboard

Combining conversion rate optimization (CRO) and SEO has numerous significant benefits. Regardless of whether you are an e-commerce or not, having a website with the ability to play a fundamental role in increasing your sales is crucial. Below are tested strategies that can guarantee that your SEO efforts will boost your site’s conversion rates.

Work on Landing Pages

Making sure that the landing pages are superb is important, according to Seocharlotte.com. Paying for ads and working on boosting your organic searches will not mean much if the landing pages are not adequately spruced. When clients click on search results or your paid advertisements, they want to find themselves on pages that relate to their interests.

Do Split Tests

Split testing can increase lead generation if done correctly. You will consequently get better traffic and more sales. What happens is that experts compare strategies using this method and are hence able to know what works. During A/B testing, the approach that gets a better rank and a lower bounce rate wins.

Work on Page Loading Time

People are naturally impatient. Most potential buyers are therefore likely not to be willing to wait for your page to load for ages. If your site does not load in less than 3 seconds, then your visitors are likely to abandon the page before they even find out what is in store for them. When investing in search engine optimization, make sure that the Charlotte SEO agency you hire would work on ascertaining that the overall performance of your site is impeccable.

Leverage Videos

Graphics and videos can assist in increasing your CRO. Videos give you the chance to inform potential clients of your value proposition, which ultimately boosts page engagement, and most importantly, it reduces the site’s bounce rate.

SEO strategies are designed to boost the visibility of a site on keyword searches. On the other hand, CRO ensures that the visitors of your site are well engaged. By designing SEO strategies that relate to CRO, your company can drastically increase the number of sales closed on a daily basis.