Avoiding the Most Common Website Design Mistakes

Man doing web design on a computer

As a business owner, you need to put up an online presence to expand your reach. Your website must be easy to find. It must also provide a superior user experience. Red Rider Creative presents the most common website design mistakes in Utah that you should avoid:

No H1 Tags and 404 Pages

Your website may have a well-crafted design. It may have a stunning background, easy to read fonts and great color scheme. The sad part is, search engines will not find it if you forget to include H1 tags. Search engines first examine the H1 tag to determine what your page is all about. The 404-page catches broken link traffic. Design a 404 page that will lead a user back on the right track. A lost or confused visitor will often leave your site, never to come back.

Large-Sized Media Files and Images

Attractive and high-resolution images help make your pages look amazing. But, you have to be mindful of the size of files you include. The larger the files, the slower your pages will load. As a consequence, your site will get lower SEO rankings.

Not Easy for Mobile Devices to Access

Today, a lot of people access the Internet using their smartphones and other mobile devices. According to statistics, a huge percentage of local searches done on mobiles result to sales. You need to reach out to mobile users. A responsive website design in Utah will allow users to find and navigate your site regardless of the device they are using.

Including Text in Images

The text is the type of content that is easiest for search engines to understand. Videos and images can provide better engagement for your users. But, search engines may not find your pages useful if you don’t place your text or keyword phrases in places where they matter most. If you put the keywords in the image itself, search engines will not find it. Instead, you should include a layer of text over or under the image.

It is important to get involved in the design of your website. Work with your web design and development team to come up with a site that will offer a great user experience.