Different Ways Google Personalises Search

Laptop opened showing google's search results page

Are you looking for ways to improve your optimisation strategies? Google and other search engines use certain factors to deliver a personalised search experience that’s unique to a user. Knowing these will allow you to customise your approach and reach your business objectives.

Experts on social media management services cite the following ways search engines personalise results.


With the fast developments in technology, Google has found ways to identify the location of a searcher and uses it in delivering answers to their queries. If you turn the tracking on your mobile device, it will be easier for the search engine to find you. If you turn it off, it can locate you through your IP address.

The data gathered by Google using your location will allow the search engine to provide you with nearby establishments and certain places within the city. You will land atop the list if you optimise for terms like ‘near me’ or a particular neighbourhood.

Search History

Google and others monitor your browsing history; your clicks and previous searches allow them to personalise ads and results. These allow them to determine interests and improve user experience. As a business, it’s important for you to get these valuable clicks because the more a potential customer chooses the competition, the less likely you’ll appear on his or her results page.

Use different platforms such as social media, YouTube and blogs to get ahead of your competitors and learn more about your target market.


Google provides almost identical search results for both desktop and mobile users; however, some factors affect the ranking of websites when it comes to smartphones and tablets. Two of which are site speed and mobile-friendliness. If the search engine thinks your page takes too much time loading and its design is not mobile-friendly, then it will move it down the rankings.

Now that you know some of the factors that affect the personalisation of search, you can adjust your strategies to reach more customers. Look for an SEO company to help you plan and implement your new optimisation strategy.