Do This, Not That: SEO Mistakes to Avoid

People working on SEO strategies

In the modern age of marketing, the term SEO pops up all too often. Business owners with online sites often hear that it is essential to their business. For the less than tech-savvy, however, the word is akin to gibberish and the all-important question is asked: What is SEO?

Google defines SEO as “the process of making a site better for search engines”. If you find that confusing, don’t worry. It can be a bit difficult to understand at first.

Ask the Pros

It’s only natural that small businesses prefer to do everything themselves. Professionals at Alkries LLC, however, recommend that even small business owners hire pros. This is because industry experts have a better understanding of SEO. They know how to get your site to the top of search engines and which practices are unhelpful. Below are some SEO mistakes to avoid.

Keyword Stuffing

This isn’t the ‘90s – it is no longer acceptable to pepper your content with keywords which includes variations and intentional spelling mistakes. Search engines are much smarter now than they were a decade ago. They label the overkill of keywords as spam. As a result, this does your site more harm than good.

Instead of keyword stuffing, go with keywords that are relevant to your site’s content and remember that moderation is key.

Mismatched Content and Keywords

A common mistake is creating content that does not match the keyword. Content of this kind usually tries to stuff the piece with a melee of topics, just to be able to insert a variety of keywords.

Copy and Paste Content

It’s a fact that quality content is important for rankings. However, don’t be tempted to plagiarize. You might have gotten away with this back in the day, and it might have even been a common practice – but not anymore. Apart from the fact that plagiarism is illegal, today’s search engines can also penalize sites for engaging in this practice.

It’s much better (not to mention safer) to invest in original and meaningful content.

Non-Mobile-friendly site

Moving on from the content aspect of rankings, sites should always keep mobile users in mind. Note that ranking is not limited to content and keywords, mobile compatibility also plays a part. Search engines know whether your site is mobile-friendly or not.

These are just a few tips to help you understand what goes on with SEO. Although it’s still better to employ a pro, it doesn’t hurt to have a basic understanding of search engine rankings.