Does Your Roof Need Repairs?

Worker drilling a bolt on a roof

Owning or operating condominiums or multi-family residential properties is an investment that you need to protect. One important thing you should keep up with is regular roof inspection. This is to help detect roof problems early and address them before they get worse. Inspections, along with preventive maintenance, will also make sure that you provide tenants a good weather barrier.

Look for Water Leaks

Interior water leak is one common sign of commercial roofing problems. Apart from staining the walls, ceilings, and floorings, these water leaks also can result in mold or mildew development. Roofing contractors in Houston and other parts of Texas note that without attention and proper solution, these can also damage the insulation, drywall, and paint.

Other Roofing Issues

Absence of water leaks, however, does not mean that it is okay to skip inspections. You still need to hire roofing professional to find out if the commercial roof needs cleaning or repair. The type of inspection or service they will provide will depend on the roofing material you have. Roofing contractors will usually look of these signs:

  • Torn and missing shingles. These need immediate repair or replacement depending on the condition. Failure to do so can lead to leaks or breaking apart of the shingles.
  • Bubbles. These can develop on shingles due to water buildup and heat from the sun. These bubbles trap moisture and make the roof more prone to damage.
  • Ponding. This is the unwanted accumulation of water, mostly in flat roofs. It is important to remove the water and clean the roof to avoid early damage.
  • Flashing. Weather conditions and bad installation can damage the flashing. This can also cause the water to enter the property.

If significant roof repair is necessary, you may want to ask a contractor if replacement is more practical. If the roof, however, is still in good condition needing small repairs, attend to the problems immediately. It is also good to know that a new roof comes with decreased operation cost and long-term energy and money savings.