Web Design Mistakes Industry Rookies Make

Man working on a web design

It is okay to make a mistake, especially if you are still new in the industry. However, there are unacceptable errors that need correcting ASAP. One of them is bad web design. Develop a credible and visually appealing website for your business by avoiding the following mistakes.

Broken links

Hyperlinks that lead to 404 pages can hurt your site’s search engine performance. They frustrate assuming visitors as well. From homepage to sub pages, test your site weekly to determine and fix broken links. You can hire an experienced webmaster or invest in software when doing so.

Outdated information

People visit websites for fresh and reliable information. Publishing outdated content does not only ruin your credibility but turn off potential customers as well. Keep your site updated and your content accurate to retain visitors and boost your brand.

Slow load times

Does it really have to take forever? Slow websites are the bane of (online) society. A marketing agency in Salt Lake City offering web design services says that visitors expect a site to load in two seconds or fewer.

For higher conversions, speed up your website by optimizing images and minimizing HTTP requests. Employing a content delivery network helps too.

Poor navigation

Users should be able to navigate your website seamlessly. Lead them to the right pages and information by organizing content and imagery. Provide alt text for images and use drop down menus wisely. Your search feature, more importantly, should also be working.

Arranging your site navigation efficiently encourages visitors to browse more pages and stay on your page much longer.

Too much color

Choosing a color palette for the website is difficult. Apart from brand identity, you need to consider your audience too. Keep it simple yet attractive by using two to three colors that can represent your business. Make sure they complement each other and will not affect readability.

When developing a website, employ a design agency that works with your style and branding. Check their experience and portfolio to ensure quality results.